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How to Choose the Right Floor Jack

A Floor Jack or commonly known as a Car Jack is a mechanical device that lifts vehicles so maintenance can be performed. These devices usually have a maximum lifting capacity of 1.5 to 3 tons. The two types of Floor jacks are the Mechanical and Hydraulic Jacks.


The Mechanical Jacks are compact so ongoing maintenance is not required and their weight is fairly light. The most common example of a mechanical floor jack are the scissor jacks. The Scissor Jack utilizes a focal screw system to change over rotational information power into straight lifting power. The essential weakness of most mechanical floor jacks is the measure of information exertion and movement required to raise the jack.


The second type of Floor Jack is the Hydraulic Jack which was invented in 1851 by Richard Dudgeon and it has proved to be more superior to the screw jacks used at that time. I also prefer using this rather than the Mechanical Jack because it requires less force compared to the Mechanical Jack. The Hydraulic Jack has two primary styles. They are the trolley jack and the bottle jack. The difference of these two Hydraulic Jacks is that the trolley jack has four wheels so it's easier to maneuver while the bottle jack doesn't. The main con of the trolley-style hydraulic jack is its size and weight because of the levers that are utilized to open up the lifting range. On the other hand, bottle jacks are smaller and lighter but lack stability and lifting range.


There are several factors to consider before buying the right scissor jack. First of all is the lifting speed. Try to look for a jack that has a quick lift system or dual lifting pistons so you could lift the bar in only 3 to 6 strokes rather than the usual 8 to 10 strokes. The second factor to consider is the lifting capacity. Make sure that the floor jack you are purchasing is able to lift your car or it's always better to buy something that can handle heavier cars just to be safe. The third factor to consider is the construction material. They are either made of aluminum or steel. If you want to store it in the garage, then buy something made of steel but if you want to store it in your car, then go for aluminum. Another factor is the design profile. If your car has a low ride height then choose a floor jack with a low profile design so you can just roll it under your vehicle. Use the standard profile design for the others. The last factor would be the lifting range. If you have a car that has big tires then it's better to purchase a Floor Jack with a high lifting range.


Therefore I conclude that choosing the right floor jack depends on your car, your well-being and your financial capacity. Be sure to view website and know more interesting facts about floor jacks.